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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 July 2006, 21:00 GMT 22:00 UK
Tony Blair returns boy's balloon
Kieran Williams with the note sent to him by Mr and Mrs Blair
Kieran wants his next balloon to land at Old Trafford
A helium balloon released by a nine-year-old boy at a school fete was sent back by Prime Minister Tony Blair after it landed in his garden.

Kieran Williams let the balloon go at Catcott Primary School's summer fair in Somerset on 7 July.

Two days later it landed 150 miles away at Mr Blair's country retreat, Chequers in Buckinghamshire.

The prime minister and his wife returned it with a note reading: "To Catcott, look who found this balloon!"

'Totally unexpected'

Mike Ellis, head teacher at the school, said he was delighted that the balloon had turned up at Chequers.

Kieran is hoping that next year his balloon lands in one of the goals at Old Trafford
Sue Williams

He said: "We set the balloons off every year. Before, we've had one land at Windsor Castle so we must be quite lucky.

"Kieran was absolutely delighted when he got his balloon sent back by the Blairs, it was totally unexpected."

The schoolboy's mother, Sue, said: "This has been very exciting really, it's caused quite a stir - there must have only been a one-in-a-million chance of this happening.

"Kieran is a mad Manchester United fan and is hoping that next year his balloon lands in one of the goals at Old Trafford, but that will depend on the wind and another huge slice of luck."

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