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Smash hit for internet chav guide
Vicky Pollard
The duo are now planning a follow-up, possibly How to be a Goth.
Two Somerset teenagers have spoken of their surprise at being an internet hit with their step-by-step guide to being a chav.

Kellie Munckton from Tatworth and Lucy Whiteside from Chard, both 17, received 30,000 hits for their video How to be a Perfect Chav.

The eight-minute video posted on YouTube.com sees the girls impersonate Vicky Pollard-type characters.

Shop assistant Ms Munckton said she did not know why it has been so popular.

The video, which was posted on Monday, was the eighth most requested at one point.

"None of our other films have done that well," she added.

Mean streets

The video features the girls dressed in hoods with their hair scraped back and makeup plastered on, flicking V-signs at the camera on the "mean streets of Chard".

"We just thought of dressing up as chavs and showing step-by-step how to enter the world of the chav. It was very amusing. It's just because there are a lot of chavs around here and we don't feel we are like that," said Ms Munckton.

The film was shot using student Ms Whiteside's digital camera. Other films posted by the duo include a spoof version of the Titanic and short films featuring their own character Little Elf.

Ms Munckton said comments posted on the website about their clip were mainly appreciative, although Americans were not initially sure what a chav was.

The duo are now planning a follow-up, possibly 'How to be a Goth'.

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