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Stripy hair ruled 'too extreme'
Kevin Pietersen
Obviously dyed hair like Kevin Pietersen's is banned at Westfield Community School
A 15-year-old boy has been excluded from school because his Kevin Pietersen-style haircut was deemed "too extreme" by his head teacher.

Carl Ferris, from Yeovil, Somerset copied the England cricketer's old style which was dyed black and spiky with the trademark blond streak.

Teachers at Westfield Community School warned him to tone it down or face disciplinary action.

Carl's father, Roy Ferris said his son had done nothing wrong.

"I had a letter from the school saying he had been excluded because his hair was too extreme and was even told by one teacher that his hair was offensive," said Mr Ferris.

Black and yellow

"It's an invasion of his human rights and how he chooses to express himself.

"He likes to glam up a bit at the weekend and I don't see anything wrong with that."

Carl Ferris has been off school all week after refusing to back down.

Mr Ferris said there had been no objections from the school until his son had the highlights touched up recently.

"I thought Kevin Pietersen's haircut was cool," said Carl Ferris.

"But last week I was walking to my lesson and the headteacher came up behind me and said my hairstyle wasn't acceptable and I wouldn't be allowed back unless it was re-dyed."

The school denied that Carl had been excluded, but admitted he had fallen foul of their rules over hairstyles.

Head teacher Marguerite Jackson said: "Our rule says that obviously dyed hair is not allowed with the recognition that lots of kids these days have highlights and so on.

"When he first had it dyed it was on the edge of what would be allowed and when he had it re-dyed black and yellow it was extreme."

She rejected Mr Ferris's allegations of sexism and double standards at the school and said girls who dyed their hair were treated exactly the same as boys.

Kevin Pietersen currently wears his hair in a dark brown crew-cut.

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