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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 March 2006, 14:00 GMT
Court gives 'Amarillo' woman Asbo
Tony Christie (left) with Peter Kay
Tony Christie's song was revived by Peter Kay for Comic Relief
A woman who repeatedly blasted out the hit single Amarillo has been given an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo).

Teressa Webb's neighbours in Bath complained she played the Tony Christie and Peter Kay record too loud.

She was given the two-year Asbo after magistrates heard she breached a noise abatement order imposed on her by Bath and North Somerset Council last May.

The court ruled the music had caused harassment, alarm or distress. Mrs Webb, 30, had denied the offence.

She said she had not realised the noise was causing a problem.

Listening equipment

Magistrates ordered her to pay 300 in compensation and 200 costs.

The court was told Bath and North East Somerset Council installed listening equipment to record sound levels near her home after she continued to play loud music.

Magistrates were played the recordings which included a rendition of Tony Christie's hit record which was re-released for Comic Relief last year by Bolton comedian Peter Kay.

The court was told one of her neighbours was so upset by the loud music that she sold her house and moved.

Mrs Webb's stereo has now been confiscated by police.

After the case the council's senior environmental health officer, Alan Bratt, said: "We will use all the powers created by the government to make sure people's lives are not unreasonably disturbed.

"The complainant was eventually forced to move out of her house. Her and her daughter have been left severely traumatised and financially disadvantaged because of the effect on the sale value of their house."

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