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Last Updated: Friday, 11 August 2006, 10:07 GMT 11:07 UK
Search for Polish man's attackers
Police are hunting for two attackers who assaulted a 24-year-old Polish man in Bath last month.

The attack, outside QTs nightclub under Pultney Bridge at around 0300 BST on 29 July, has only just been reported.

He was walking along the canal near the rugby ground, when someone hit him on the head and knocked him to the ground.

He was then kicked, but managed to run away before being pushed to the ground and assaulted again by two people.

The man then stopped passers-by and asked them to ring 999.

He was taken to Bath's Royal United Hospital where he was treated for facial injuries, a broken right heel, broken wrist and broken bones in the foot.

Anyone who may have witnessed the attack, especially the two people who called for help, have been asked to contact police.

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