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Last Updated: Monday, 16 May, 2005, 13:54 GMT 14:54 UK
Greyhound man 'neglected animals'
A former greyhound trainer could be banned from keeping animals after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to two dogs.

David Cox failed to arrange treatment for the greyhounds which were both suffering serious medical conditions.

The animals were destroyed after an RSPCA inspector found them living in "squalid" conditions at Cox's home in Middle Street, Yeovil.

Yeovil magistrates adjourned sentence on the 68-year-old until 13 June.

Prosecutor David Bell told the court: "This was not deliberate malevolence, but it is the RSPCA's case that he has shown a serious level of disturbing neglect over a long period of time."

Tender stomach

The court heard that the National Greyhound Racing Club had withdrawn Cox's training licence in 1997 because of the unsatisfactory condition of his premises.

The court heard that one of the dogs, 12-year-old Snowy, was having great difficulty walking and had a swollen testicle.

Another dog, a 14-year-old female which Cox had not given a name to, had an extremely swollen, tender stomach but was so thin that her spine and pelvic bones were clearly visible, Mr Bell said.

Sam Morton, defending, said Cox was no longer keeping any dogs.

Outside court, RSPCA inspector Marie Griffiths said the society and local authority had been trying to help Cox for many years.

"He chose to ignore us for many years, believing he knew best. It is sad that these animals suffered because of that," she said.

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