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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 December 2005, 19:30 GMT
Deportation for US border swimmer
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A woman who re-entered the US illegally after being deported is being fined and sent back to the UK.

Katharine Hiscox, 33, from Shepton Mallet is said to have swum across the St John River from Canada to Maine.

In court in Maine she pleaded guilty to entering the US having been deported and without inspection.

On Wednesday, Hiscox was sentenced to four months and ten days in custody, which she has served, fined 570 and given a one-year supervised release.

Ms Hiscox had been to the US three times on different visas, the court had been told.

She was deported from Atlanta in January 2005 because of visa problems and barred from re-entry.

It is understood she turned up soaking wet on the doorstep of a house in Maine on the night of 6 August.

Border agents found her the next day at a petrol station.

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