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Last Updated: Friday, 18 November 2005, 21:55 GMT
South West workers happiest in UK
Workers and bosses in south west England enjoy the highest levels of well-being at work in the UK, according to a new independent study.

Psychologist Dr David Lewis and mathematician Phillip Obayda used reference points such as workload and deadlines to work out the ratings.

Employees in the South West achieved a score of six and employers seven on a nine-point rating scale.

"This suggests a very satisfactory level of well-being," said Dr Lewis.

The South West is followed by London and the South East, with a score of five for employees and employers.

The study, which involved more than 1,000 workers and employees, divided the country into five regions - North, South East, South West, East and Midlands.

Workers and bosses were asked to rate eight simple statements on a scale of one to four, where one meant they did not agree with it at all and four that it accurately reflected their current position.

The ratings were then used in the well-being formula created by Phillip Obayda.

"Workplace well-being is associated with good staff morale which in turn leads to high levels of productivity and low absenteeism," he said.

"Poor ratings, by contrast, tend to be associated with poor staff morale and motivation, inefficient use of manpower, below average productivity and high absenteeism."

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