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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 October 2005, 15:20 GMT 16:20 UK
Wind turbine farm plans rejected
Site of the proposed wind farm in Somerset
Planners raised concerns over the safety of the proposed site
An application to build a wind turbine farm near a Somerset nuclear reactor has been refused by planners.

Developers Your Energy proposed installing 12 turbines in West Hinkley, potentially supplying electricity to 13,600 homes in West Somerset.

Planners said they were concerned about what would happen if one of the giant blades broke off so close to the Hinkley Point nuclear reactor.

West Somerset District Council voted 9:3 to reject the proposal.

If Your Energy appeals against the decision, the plans would then be reviewed by an independent inspector who would report to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for a final decision.

'Real opportunity'

Council spokesman John Thorne said the main objection was the risk of a turbine blade flying off.

He said: "Three of the turbines are close to the site and it is a potential safety risk. The blades could hit something or somebody."

Mr Thorne said the application could be amended.

"Nobody thinks this is the end of the matter. The applicants have said they might appeal the decision. They could also amend the application by reducing the number of turbines."

The main poles of the turbines would be 70 metres high, and each turbine blade 40 metres in length.

Your Energy said it was prepared to drop the three turbines closest to the power station in order to move the proposal ahead.

Greenpeace has backed the plans, which are opposed by a residents' group which says the farm would obstruct the landscape.

The power station is set to be decommissioned by 2016.

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