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Last Updated: Monday, 21 March, 2005, 16:25 GMT
Model T-Rex spotted in the skies
The dinosaur dangled from the helicopter for one mile
A life-size model of a tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur has been flown into place at an exhibition in Somerset.

The fibre glass replica model, weighing just under one tonne and measuring 25-feet long, was flown for one mile dangling from a helicopter.

The t-rex and two other dinosaurs, including a brontosaurus, were too large to be brought to Wookey Hole Caves by road.

They will form the centrepiece of a new Valley of the Dinosaurs attraction.

The replica dinosaurs were flown from one side of Wookey to the other directly into the park.

The owner of Wookey Hole Caves, Gerry Cottle, said: "They're built life size, according to the latest scientific knowledge and we've made them correct in every possible detail.

"I certainly wouldn't have liked to have bumped into one when they actually lived around here 150 million years ago."

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