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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 October 2005, 16:52 GMT 17:52 UK
Campaigners pushing for wind farm
Green peace banner
Some argued the nuclear station provided much-needed employment
Green energy campaigners say they will not give up in their battle to have a huge wind farm built near Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset.

Planning officials are recommending refusal of the application to build 12 turbines after concerns of what would happen if a giant blade broke off.

The company behind the project now says it is now prepared to drop three of the turbines closest to the station.

Councillors meet to make the final decision towards the end of this month.

On Saturday Greenpeace members took to the streets of Minehead, to gather more support to keep the plan alive.

They were persuading every supporter of the wind farm to have their picture taken and pinned on the campaign board.

But some people they approached disagreed, arguing the nuclear power station provided much-needed local employment.

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