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Glastonbury to take break in 2006
People enjoying the Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival will take a break in 2006
Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis has told the BBC that the event will take a year off in 2006.

Mr Eavis made his announcement as local councillors approved plans to stage the event at his farm near Pilton, Somerset, this June.

The festival was last rested in 2001 over safety fears, which led to a new "super-fence" being built at the site.

Mr Eavis told Mendip District Council he wanted to give neighbours a break from the disruption.

He added he wanted to "stand back and get new ideas" for 2007.

Fallow year

"Every fifth year since 1987 we've taken it off - It's like a fallow year in farming terms," he said.

"It's a good chance for the cows, the farm, the farm workers and villagers to recover," he added.

"So they come back the year after the fallow year with renewed energy, strength and imagination."

Mr Eavis said the move was not a response to villagers who had complained about the festival.

"There's only two complainants at the meeting out of a village of 975 people," he continued.
We found a spring on the farm that can provide all the water for the festival
Michael Eavis

"Even the parish chairman is supportive - he really does enjoy himself! There's no pressure like that, this is all my idea."

In the "fallow" year, Eavis said he planned to build a reservoir for the festival.

"We found a spring on the farm that can provide all the water for the festival, so this is very thrilling for us," he said.

"That will be a big engineering job for us.

"The year off can provide us time and the energy to do something other than going on like a steamroller."

Noise patrols

In 2001, Mendip District Council fined Mr Eavis 15,000 after more than 200,000 people flooded into the previous year's festival.

The council had only granted a licence for around 100,000.

The "super-fence" was built to keep out festival-goers who did not have a ticket.

This year's festival will feature noise patrols to help keep levels down for local residents.

Mendip councillors voted 12 to 4 in favour of this year's event.

Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis
"It's like a fallow year in farming terms"

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