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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 January, 2005, 07:37 GMT
Trees threaten Iron Age hill fort
Iron age hillfort near Weston-super-Mare
The tree roots are damaging the structure
Conservation work is to be carried out on an Iron Age hillfort in North Somerset to save an ancient monument.

The site at Weston Woods near Weston-super-Mare is being destroyed by trees planted on the hillside in the early 19th Century.

There are concerns that the roots are prising apart the important archaeological structures.

The Forestry Commission has given North Somerset Council permission to fell the trees, which will take two months.

Christopher Richards from North Somerset Council said: "If we had a storm up here and these trees came down then the entire hillfort could be destroyed."

Tree surgeon John Flannigan said: "We've got permission from the Forestry Commission to fell up to 300 trees and archaeologists have selected the most vulnerable areas."

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