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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 August 2005, 18:11 GMT 19:11 UK
Cyclists targeted on city pathway
Danny Colyer's cut
Mr Colyer suffered a serious cut to his neck
A 17-mile pathway between Bristol and Bath is being patrolled by police after a series of assaults on cyclists.

One rider, Danny Colyer, from Warmley, South Gloucs, says he suffered a cut to his neck after fishing wire was strung across the path.

Police are now patrolling the path - but insist it is still safe to use.

Inspector Bruce Turnbull said: "Bearing in mind the large number of people that use the path, I'd suggest the reports we get are a very small number."

'Shopping trolley'

But Mr Colyer said the fishing wire could have left him with a serious injury.

"I was riding along and I felt something at my neck," he said.

"It was a sharp pain, the feeling of my wind pipe being blocked. It could have killed me."

Stuart Curtis, from Bath, said he was attacked from a bridge on the cycleway.

"I saw a shopping trolley come flying down off the bridge. It just missed me by a few metres.

"I've come to expect it. Something always happens here - perhaps not a shopping trolley, but maybe stones thrown at me."

Bristol-based charity Sustrans set up the track as part of a network of cycle paths across the country.

Spokeswoman Melissa Henry said: "We have around two million trips on the path every year, so these are very isolated incidents.

"I use that path every day and I have never had anything happen to me."

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