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Last Updated: Friday, 2 July, 2004, 06:07 GMT 07:07 UK
Historic site is found in garden
Front garden dig
Mr and Mrs Willis at first did not think their finds were significant
A Somerset couple has stumbled on what is being hailed as one of the county's most significant archaeological sites while digging in their garden.

Alex and Alison Willis unearthed the remains of a 17th Century foundry in the front yard of their home in Lightgate Road, South Petherton.

Their find is believed to have solved the mystery of where bronze pots and cauldrons were produced in the county.

Archaeologist Bob Croft said: "Now we have the site where they were made."

Mrs Willis said: "We didn't think the first bits we found were very significant.

"When we found more we thought we'd better get it checked out."

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