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Last Updated: Monday, 10 May, 2004, 15:39 GMT 16:39 UK
Hospital bullies get yellow card
A Somerset hospital plans to introduce football-style 'yellow cards' to combat staff bullying.

Doctors and nurses working for the Weston Area Health NHS Trust, which runs Weston General Hospital, could be issued with the cards.

Workers would then be able to brandish them at colleagues whose behaviour they considered offensive.

A spokesman said he hoped the cards would work as an early warning, but admitted staff may use them as a joke.

The proposal comes after 200 staff taking part in surveys and workshops revealed concerns about bullying at work.

Staff consultation

John Edwards, the trust's human resources director, said: "We want to put new measures in place to make it easier for people to show their discomfort."

He added: "We want it to be possible for people to say they are unhappy with the way they are being treated without having to use formal measures.

"By just flashing the card they could communicate their feelings quickly without saying a word - it is novel but I think it is worth trying," he added.

All 1,500 staff working for the trust will be consulted about the idea, and depending on their reactions the cards could be in use by August.

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