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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 August, 2004, 05:09 GMT 06:09 UK
War artist's drawings on display
Alfred Leete illustration. Picture courtesy of North Somerset Museum
Alfred Leete illustrated his war experiences as a soldier
Work by the artist behind one of the most famous of all wartime posters is being displayed at a Weston-super-Mare museum for the first time.

The drawings by Alfred Leete, who produced the iconic 'Your country needs you' poster during World War One, are on show at the North Somerset Museum.

Mr Leete, who grew up in Weston, drew the war images for magazines.

Museum manager Nick Goff said: "Ninety years after World War One, his work has a freshness and relevance."

The five illustrations are owned by the museum, but only copies will be displayed because of the sensitivity of the originals to light.

'Thoughtful work'

A copy of the 'Your country needs you' recruitment poster, featuring a portrait of Lord Kitchener, will also be shown. The original is in the Imperial War Museum.

The exhibition coincides with the 90th anniversary of the start of First World War.

Mr Leete was born in 1882 but moved with his family to Weston the following year.

He developed his skills as a cartoonist and an illustrator in the seaside town, producing work for the Bristol Magpie magazine.

Alfred Leete illustration. Picture courtesy of North Somerset Museum
The artist produced many drawings for magazines

He later moved to London, where he worked for more famous publications, such as Punch.

Mr Leete served in France on the Western Front during the war and produced illustrations of his experiences.

"Many people know Alfred Leete for his humorous cartoons," said Mr Goff.

"This special display shows some of his more thoughtful work."

The illustrations can be seen at the North Somerset Museum, Burlington Street, Weston, Monday to Friday, from 1000 BST to 1630 BST.

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