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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 January, 2004, 18:03 GMT
Radio staff stage protest
Greg Dyke and Simon Clifford
Greg Dyke opened Somerset Sound's new studios in June 2003
One of the BBC's smallest radio stations went off the air on Thursday as staff decided to make their own protest at the resignation of Greg Dyke.

It was agreed that Somerset Sound's Adam Thomas Afternoon Show would finish a minute early and end on silence as a protest at both Mr Dyke's departure and Lord Ryder's unreserved apology.

Many listeners emailed in their support of the action.

Assistant Editor Simon Clifford said: "Staff said they felt flat, deflated, shellshocked and wanted to make their point.

"We may be a small station and it may have been a small protest but it was heartfelt."

The station is one of the smallest of the local BBC radio outlets with just nine staff.

"We took a carefully thought-out protest designed to make a point while having minimal impact on the licence-fee payer," Mr Clifford said.

"Staff were upset and saw this as a way to make a protest. We immediately received messages of support from the public."

BBC apologises as Dyke quits
29 Jan 04  |  Politics


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