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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 January, 2004, 22:02 GMT
Witch helps unlucky football team
An unlucky football team has called on the services of a white witch to end its home-match losing streak.

Frome Town FC sits midtable in the Screwfix Direct Premier Division - but it has a miserable record during matches at its Badger's Hill ground.

Despite scoring 31 goals during away matches so far this season, they have only managed three goals at home.

The team is so puzzled by this that they have asked local witch Titania Hardie to lift the apparent curse.

The ground might be cursed or it could be in their minds
Titania Hardie
White witch
Team spokesman Ian Pearce said: "No-one can explain why we can't win at home.

"We were told about a local white witch and contacted her to see if she can do anything."

Ms Hardie will perform a series of rituals to help lift the curse, as well as talking to the players and looking at the ground to see if there is anything she can do.

She said: "I've no idea what I'm going to encounter. The ground might be cursed or it could be in their minds."

"It could be that some players are sensitive to the feeling of the ground or are adversely affected by any underground water.

"If two or three are feeling down then even without revealing it they could bring down the others."

Ms Hardie, who has written 11 books on white witchcraft, said she will "surround them with huge positive energy" to take away any negative feeling.

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