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Education plans revealed
Plans for education have been outlined in a new document from Somerset County Council

It examines how many pupils will need school places in the county over the next few years.

The report is being made available to the public from Monday at local libraries.

The document has been approved after three months of consultation with residents.

The education authority says it does not give direct instructions, but provides facts for debate.

The council is considering replacing up to ten of the Bridgwater's primaries and secondaries with three "super-schools".

Many of Somerset's existing schools were built in the 1960s with an expected life span of just 30 to 40 years.

The new "learning centres", would be funded through the Private Finance Initiative, and could cost up to 2bn.

The council is bidding to central government for the funds.

New schools for Somerset
16 Oct 03  |  Somerset

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