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Last Updated: Monday, 25 August, 2003, 00:38 GMT 01:38 UK
Vicar's virtual congregation
Worshippers can vote for their favourite hymn
A Bath vicar is to broadcast his Sunday sermons on the internet, in an attempt to attract younger churchgoers.

The Rev Alan Bain will use the latest broadband technology to spread the word from St Philip and St James' church in Odd Down.

Worshippers will be able to log on to the church's extensive website to watch and listen to the Anglican church service from their PC.

Mr Bain said: "It seemed the only way to get through to younger people to show them what's happening in churches.

"We don't see it as an alternative to church but a different way of joining in a service."

The virtual congregation will also be able to vote online for their favourite hymn which will be sung at the end of the service.

Mr Bain said he was keen to show that the church was up-to-date and used the net to communicate like everyone else.

The first service will be live on the net on Sunday 31 August at 1030 BST.

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