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Brothers fulfil Patagonia ambition
Julian and Oliver Campbell
The brothers wore Victorian garb for the trek
Two brothers have followed in the footsteps of their great grandfather who trekked across the Patagonian wilderness more than a century ago.

Julian and Oliver Campbell, from Somerset, used a guidebook penned by William Campbell to recreate the Victorian horseback trek.

With friend Harry Glass, from Oxford, they travelled about 600 miles from the foothills of the Andes to the Atlantic with no modern equipment.

Even their clothing - britches, riding boots and ponchos - was true to the Victorian era.

It was definitely the trip of a lifetime without a doubt - I just loved the place
Julian Campbell

Julian, 26, Oliver, 27, and Harry, 26, wore gentleman explorer's outfits of three-piece tweed suits, top hats and Panama hats when they were in towns or villages.

They shunned tracking technology and followed one of the routes described in William Campbell's 1901 book and used only a basic map for navigation.

They hunted for their diet of llama, ostrich, armadillos and hares - killing their quarry with a late 19th Century Winchester rifle and traditional Indian weapons.

Julian Campbell said the journey had been inspired after he came across William Campbell's book in the attic of the family home.


He said: "It is just such a lovely, beautifully written book. You read the first few paragraphs and it inspires you to go out there and travel properly.

"When we first set out we did not really expect it to be that relevant. It was quite a surprise to find out that most of the information in it does hold true."

During the 40-day trip the trio say they received a warm welcome from everyone they met, apart from a farmer worried about sheep rustling who fired a gun over their heads.

Julian said the trip had instilled the same love of the area that his great-grandfather had.

"It was definitely the trip of a lifetime without a doubt. I just loved the place."

The brothers filmed the trip and are hoping to make a documentary about it.

Brothers head for Patagonia
04 Feb 03 |  England

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