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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 September, 2003, 17:51 GMT 18:51 UK
MP joins paedophile tagging test
Dan Norris MP
Dan Norris MP will report on the device to the party conference
An MP has had an electronic tagging device fitted to help test a new paedophile tracking system.

Its Cheltenham-based creators say it can pinpoint an offender from a control room to within three metres, anywhere in the world, through sophisticated tracking technology.

The system relies on an offender carrying a mobile phone to send a signal and to allow police to contact them.

If the phone is discarded and the link with the tag broken, the control room is alerted.

If he goes near restricted places, such as a school, the control room will be alerted, and the paedophile then contacted through the phone.

Schools and communities should have confidence that we know where sex offenders are
Inspector John Vosey

On Wednesday, Wansdyke's Labour MP Dan Norris agreed to be fitted with the tag for a week before reporting back to the party conference.

"I want to test it to see what it's like on day-to-day basis," he said.

"Because paedophiles are, by definition, such devious people we do need to know that in the real world it can do what it claims to do."

A convicted sex offender, who is also taking part in the trial, said: "The public may well be very concerned to find out how little control there is over sex offenders at the moment."

Inspector John Vosey of Avon and Somerset Police added: "Schools and communities should have confidence that we know where sex offenders are 24 hours a day."

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