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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 April, 2003, 10:16 GMT 11:16 UK
Man wakes up in old home
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A man has been escorted home by police after waking up in a house he had lived in years before.

Mark Norley, 34, made his way to his former home in Old Church Road, Axbridge, after a night out drinking on Sunday.

He settled into an empty bed and fell asleep.

Giles Mottram, the bed's rightful teenage owner, returned later to find Mr Morley asleep.

'Know better'

Giles's father Harry phoned the police, who woke Mr Norley up and took him to his mother's nearby home.

From cards found in his wallet it was established that Mr Norley had lived in the Mottrams' house seven years previously.

Harry Mottram said: "The name rang a bell.

"When we first moved to the house, we continued to get letters for him.

"We believe he was the son of the lady who owned the property before us."

Mr Norley's mother, Margaret Audcent, of Woodlands, Axbridge, said: "He's a research scientist and a doctor so he should know better."

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03 Apr 03  |  England

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