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Video tribute to mansion daughter

Kirstie Foster
Police said they believed the third body found was Kirstie's

Online video tributes have been made in memory of the 15-year-old daughter of a businessman who is believed to have killed his family and himself.

A third body found in the burnt-out remains of Osbaston House, Maesbrook, Shropshire, is believed to be that of Kirstie Foster.

Police believe her father Christopher, 50, killed Kirstie and her mother Jillian, 49, before torching the house.

Friends of the teenager have now created picture montages on YouTube.

In one, posted by a user called nicinaknole, pictures of Kirstie are shown of her on holiday, on her horses and with school friends, over the song My Immortal by the band Evanescence.

'RIP Angel'

A description accompanying the video describes Kirstie as "the best girl you could ever talk to".

It goes on to say that the user "can't believe what you went through. RIP Angel."

Police have said it could take days to identify the third body found in the 1.2m mansion, which was set alight on 26 August.

Detectives said they were having to carry out further tests on Mr Foster's body and the body believed to be Kirstie's.

The house on fire
The fire destroyed the 1.2m mansion in Shropshire

Mrs Foster died from a gunshot wound to the head.

A .22 rifle found at the house was recovered from the house on Friday and tests are being carried out to identify if it was the murder weapon.

CCTV footage retrieved from the house showed a man thought to be Mr Foster carrying a gun, police said.

They said it showed the businessman walking away from the stables and the outbuildings going up in flames.

West Mercia Police have said they believe he killed his family before setting fire to their home and then turning the gun on himself.

Three horses and four dogs were also found shot dead in different parts of the property.

Kirstie had been online until about 0100 BST that night - about three hours before the fire began.

'Beautiful human being'

Her head teacher at Ellesmere College said a special service would be held for Kirstie at the school.

People have left comments underneath some of the YouTube videos.

One comment, by user fligph1984, said: "This is a touching video. It is tragic that this has happened to such a lovely girl with a real zest for life.

"It saddens me greatly that another person so young and with so much to live for has been taken away under tragic circumstances. A great loss to those who knew her. RIP Kirstie."

Another, by blanchard3, said: "A beautiful human being. You can see the care and love she showed towards the animals... and her love of life.

"I am in tears."

Mr Foster had made his fortune developing insulation technology for oil rigs.

However, court documents show his company, Ulva Ltd, had gone into liquidation and owed about 800,000 in tax.

It also faced legal action from one of its suppliers for thousands of pounds.

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