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Children's dog message at Crufts
Heather Simcock
Heather Simcock prepares for the Kennel Club's Safe and Sound Scheme
A group of young dog handlers from Shropshire is off to Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham later this week.

They are hoping to spread the Kennel Club's 'Safe and Sound' around dogs message.

Carol Thornley from the Arica Dog Training Centre in Whitchurch said they wanted to teach people how to approach dogs safely and avoid accidents.

The group and their dogs will perform in the Crufts main ring every day of the show which begins on Thursday.

Be boring

One of the members of the demonstration team, 11-year-old Heather Simcock, said that dogs are often blamed for biting when it is not really their fault, and people need to learn how to make friends with strange dogs properly.

"You ask the owner if it is all right to touch the dog, make a loose fist for the dog to sniff and then stroke him gently under the chin," she said.

If a dog appears to be aggressive you must stand still with your arms folded across your chest in a "tree" position and avoid looking the dog in the eye.

"You look down, act boring and the dog will just go away," she added.

This year's Crufts International Dog Show is at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham from Thursday 6 March to Sunday 9 March.

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