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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 February 2008, 14:58 GMT
Wind farm firm 'did not mislead'
The blimp being flown at the equivalent height of the proposed turbines
Last month campaigners flew a balloon to demonstrate the height
A renewable energy firm did not mislead the public over claims about plans to build seven wind turbines in Shropshire, according to a watchdog.

Campaign group Vortex disputed figures and information released by Nuon Renewables and complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

It queried facts made about electricity being used locally and meteorological conditions in the area.

But the ASA said it was satisfied with the firm's claims.

Campaigners raised two issues contained within a Nuon Renewables brochure, a company spokesman said.

Landscape 'decimated'

Firstly, how much electricity would meet local demand and secondly, if wind speed data was representative of meteorological conditions in north Shropshire.

The company said local needs would be met first.

However, if demand was low, for example during the middle of the night, the electricity generated would "go elsewhere on the grid".

It clarified that the wind speed data it had released was specific to the wind farm site - in between Norton-in-Hales and Woore - where speeds were higher, as opposed to the whole of north Shropshire.

Last month campaigners flew a large balloon to demonstrate the height of the proposed turbines - 105m (344ft).

Members said the landscape would be "decimated" if the turbines were built.

Plans have not yet been submitted but the company confirmed it will apply for permission.

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