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Last Updated: Monday, 28 January 2008, 15:57 GMT
Retired greyhounds are abandoned
Sue Tipton
Sue Tipton and rescued greyhound
The owner of a Shropshire boarding kennels claims more retired greyhounds are being dumped.

Sue Tipton who runs Moorland Kennels at Condover said they had taken in more abandoned dogs than ever before in December of last year.

She now has around 30 greyhounds at her kennels needing to be re-homed.

She said at least 10,000 dogs a year came off the track and despite the work of the Retired Greyhound Trust many are still being abandoned.

Too old

Mrs Tipton said a very good dog could race until it was around five, but after that they lose their edge and the urge to win. Then they face an uncertain future.

She started taking in abandoned greyhounds after seeing a fund-raising stall outside her local supermarket.

"Their plight has always been something close to my heart," she said.

All the animals brought into Moorland kennels are cared for until they are rehabilitated and ready to go to a new home.

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