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Last Updated: Monday, 21 January 2008, 20:42 GMT
Shivering dog found tied to post
Monkey the boxer
Staff say Monkey is a 'lovely, friendly dog'
A dog has been rescued after being found shivering tied to a post on a cycle track.

The white boxer was tied up with a blue plastic washing line when RSPCA staff went to his aid by the Willey Moor pub near Whitchurch.

He has now been named Monkey by staff who said he is underweight and has a tender back leg which causes him to limp when walking.

Anyone with information about the dog is asked to contact the RSPCA.

Staff said they believe he could have been left tied up overnight.

"He is a lovely, friendly dog and really enjoys a fuss being made of him," said Victoria Williams from the RSPCA.

"We do not understand why he would have been tied to a post and left in this way.

"He is no trouble and people must realise they can contact an animal welfare charity if they are having problems caring for a pet."

Monkey, who is thought to be two or three years old, is being cared for in kennels and receiving treatment for his leg injury.

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