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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 January 2008, 20:28 GMT
Blimp flown in wind farm battle
The blimp being flown at the equivalent height of the proposed turbines
The blimp was flown at the height the blades would reach
A group campaigning against a wind farm in north Shropshire have been flying a large balloon to demonstrate the height of the proposed turbines.

Nuon Renewables wants to build seven turbines - each 105m (344ft) - between Norton-in-Hales and Woore but members of Vortex are against the plans.

The blimp has been flown on land near the proposed site.

Members said the landscape would be "decimated" if the turbines were built. Plans have not yet been submitted.

'Full of horror'

But, a spokesman for Nuon Renewables has told BBC Radio Shropshire that the firm intended to apply for permission.

Vortex has been campaigning against the proposed farm for a year.

A spokesman said membership had increased by more than 100 to about 800 since the blimp had been used.

Steve Ellesmore, whose land is being used to fly the balloon, said people have been "full of horror" at the size of the turbines.

Vortex campaigner Tina Roberts, who lives about a mile away from the site, said the plans "don't bear thinking about".

Why residents object

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