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Town offered emission 'slimming'
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The government is striving to cut CO2 by 26% by 2020
Climate change classes are to start in Shropshire - organisers believe they are the first of their kind in the UK.

Stretton Climate Care wants to show the town's 5,000 households how they can reduce their carbon footprints.

The classes, which start on 14 January, are being run like a slimming club, with participants invited back in the future for an emissions weigh-in.

Organiser Jon Cooke said residents who cannot get to the classes will be offered a future home visit.


Chairman of Stretton Climate Care, Mr Cooke, said during the course participants will find out how high their carbon emissions are.

A computer programme will calculate how much carbon each household is responsible for and then suggest ways of reducing that weight.

Mr Cooke it would be fun with people weighing-in at the group and then comparing emissions with that of their neighbours.

"There's been lots of interest in what we're doing... I believe we're the only group in the country that is running such classes" said Mr Cooke.

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