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Last Updated: Monday, 17 December 2007, 15:53 GMT
Vehicles seized in safety checks
Police used number plate recognition equipment in Telford
Drivers on a Telford retail park have been targeted by police and Community Support Officers (CSOs) in a road safety campaign.

More than 80 vehicles were stopped on Wrekin Retail Park by members of the Arleston and College Local Policing Team.

Four cars were seized because they were not insured.

Three drivers who had their licenses endorsed were either on a mobile phone or were carrying children dangerously.

Local Policing Officer Pc Mike Phillips said the Road Policing Support Team (RPST) had lent their Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipment which had been very helpful.

Although we were all pleased with the results that were achieved.... it was still a concern to see quite how many drivers continue to ignore basic road safety advice
Pc Mike Phillips

He said he was most worried about the number of people who were issued with tickets or warned about the safe carriage of babies.

In some cases there were no baby seats in the car and in others the seats were there, but weren't being used because the baby was being carried on the passenger's lap.

Another endorsable offence dealt with during the campaign was not using a seat belt.

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