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Migrants told 'leave river fish'
John Roberts, river bailiff
Mr Roberts said he hopes the signs deter Eastern Europeans from poaching
Signs warning people not to cook fish from the River Severn have been erected after migrants from eastern Europe were allegedly caught poaching fish.

John Roberts, from the Shropshire Angling Federation, said the removal of the fish has become a major problem.

He said he caught three Polish men with pike and a mallard in separate incidents last week.

"Particularly at this of the year it is critical as the Polish dish for Christmas is carp, " he said.

Eight signs have been put up along the River Severn in Shrewsbury.

They depict someone killing a fish, taking it away and cooking it. The images have a red line drawn across them.

Carries translations

"We want a visual aid as opposed to what we have had in the past which is written," said Mr Roberts.

"Basically we want to put the message across visually that it is illegal to remove fish from the waters.

"It's a major problem. We've got waters stocked purposefully with carp - 25lbs in weight - and in two years you are lucky to get a 6lb fish."

Mr Roberts, one of six bailiffs employed by the federation, can detain individuals caught poaching before handing them over to police.

"I personally carry translations in Romanian, Russian and Polish to tell them what they are doing is wrong," he added.

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