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High Court in favour of 159mph Pc
Pc Mark Milton at court previously
Pc Milton had been convicted after a second trial
A Shropshire police officer has won his High Court bid to overturn a conviction for dangerous driving after reaching up to 159mph in an unmarked patrol car.

Pc Mark Milton, of Telford, an advanced police driver, was convicted last year after originally being acquitted.

District Judge Peter Wallis found him guilty after ruling his driving skills were "irrelevant" to the case.

But two High Court judges have said the district judge "misdirected himself" and told him to look at the case again.

District Judge Wallis, sitting at Ludlow Magistrates' Court, found him guilty last August.

'Absolute disgrace'

Lady Justice Smith and Mr Justice Gross, sitting at London's High Court on Friday, sent the case back to him to decide whether "Pc Milton's unusual driving skills were such as to make a crucial difference to the dangerousness of his driving".

Lady Justice Smith said: "It seems to me that this matter is of considerable importance to both sides of the dispute."

But road safety charity Brake, criticised the ruling.

"It's an absolute disgrace this person's conviction has been overturned. There's no question if you're going at 159mph you are driving dangerously," a spokesman said.

"He may think he's a good driver but most drivers over-estimate their ability. As far as we're concerned, all drivers should be treated the same."

Pc Milton was given an absolute discharge at Ludlow Magistrates' Court last August following his conviction for the high speeds, which were reached on the M54 in Shropshire.

Mark Milton is determined to clear his name

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