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Teacher aiming for seven summits
Andrew Wilkinson in the classroom
Andrew Wilkinson swaps teaching for climbing rock faces
A teacher is aiming to complete a challenge to climb to the highest point in each of the seven continents.

Andrew Wilkinson, a chemistry teacher at Moreton Hall school for girls near Oswestry in Shropshire, has already scaled five of the seven peaks.

His next aim is to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest of the seven mountains he will climb.

Mr Wilkinson, 42, hopes to climb Everest between next April and June before going to Antarctica.

The teacher has been in training on the rugged terrain of Shropshire's Stiperstones to prepare himself for his next challenge.

Andrew Wilkinson on Kilimanjaro
Everest - Asia
Aconcagua - South America
Denali - North America
Kilimanjaro - Africa
Elbrus - Europe
Vinson Massif - Antarctica
Kosciuszko - Australia

He said of Everest: "When you climb it, the exposure there is incredible because you have a 10,000ft drop below you.

"They've attached a ladder to the side of the cliff and you hang on this ladder. So if you look back, the whole of the north face sweeps down below you.

"It is a little bit scary."

He has already scaled the highest peaks in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Africa.

Mr Wilkinson said: "It is an immense feeling of satisfaction. It is almost overwhelming and it is difficult to take in as well at the time.

"It is a couple of days afterwards I think that it hits you to be the highest person on the continent."

If he completes the Seven Summits challenge, it is thought he will become the 20th person from the UK to do so and one of fewer than 200 worldwide.

Student scales seven mountains
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