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Website to celebrate Darwin birth
Darwin in 1881 (Darwin, F. and Seward, A. C. eds. 1903 - Cam Uni)
Charles Darwin's theory on evolution has influenced many
A Shropshire town is getting ready to celebrate the bi-centenary of one of its famous sons.

A series of national events and activities to celebrate 200 years since the birth of Charles Darwin is being promoted through a new website.

Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council is helping to co-ordinate the events, known as Darwin200, for 2009.

A council spokesman said it was important for people in Shropshire to grasp how important Darwin was.

Other organisations working on the website include the National History Museum, Cambridge University, Kew Gardens and the BBC.

Jon King, the council's Darwin co-ordinator, said: "The fact these groups are investing so much time and effort in this promotion is an indicator of the interest that will be generated around the world in the next three years."

Darwin, who showed how natural selection could explain evolution, spent his early years in Shrewsbury and returned to the town following the Voyage of the Beagle - his trip around the world between 1831-36.

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