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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 January 2006, 21:22 GMT
Inquiry after students' nude walk
Max Stringer
Max Stringer explained the annual initiation ceremony
A Shropshire university college has promised disciplinary action against students who are reported to have paraded naked through a nearby town.

Police were called to reports of about 30 students from Harper Adams University College walking through Newport with no clothes on.

Two people were ordered to pay fixed-penalty fines of 80. The rest had dispersed when officers arrived.

The college said it does not condone such behaviour and will investigate.

It said a small number of students were involved and regrets the embarrassment caused to residents.

Disciplinary investigation

In a statement it said: "The vast majority of our students contribute positively to the local community, for example with charitable work, and we are concerned that the actions of these few students will damage the hard work undertaken by many others.

"The police are investigating the matter and we are helping in whatever way we can with their enquiries.

"Local residents can also be assured that the college will be pursuing its own disciplinary investigation as soon as the police have finished dealing with this matter."

Witness Alan Chesters, who was with his daughter, said: "She covered her eyes and said 'How gross'."

Mr Chesters added: "This road was covered with naked men, 40 of 50 of them, gesticulating at cars."

'We're sorry'

He said they should consider doing repeat streaking on the college campus.

Max Stringer, from the Harper Adams rugby team, explained it was an initiation ritual that follows the first away rugby game each season.

New players were sent from the bus, after a drink, into the streets with just shoes and a tie.

He said: "We are sorry, but I can't hand on heart, say it will not happen again."

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