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Last Updated: Monday, 18 April, 2005, 19:07 GMT 20:07 UK
Pc on trial for speeding charges
Pc Mark Milton
Pc Milton denies all the charges
A police constable from Telford has gone on trial accused of driving at speeds of up to 159mph.

Mark Milton was on night patrol in an unmarked police vehicle when the speeds were recorded on a video box inside the car, Ludlow Magistrates Court was told.

The video, which was shown to the court, showed top speeds of 159mph on the M54.

He is also accused of driving at 100mph in a 60mph zone and 60mph in 30mph zones. Pc Milton denies the charges.

Public risk

The court heard that Pc Milton, an advanced police driver, reached the speeds while testing out a new Vauxhall Vectra GSI police car while on night patrol in December 2003.

The prosecution said an on-board video camera had shown the officer had driven at grossly excessive speeds putting the safety of other road users at risk.

Head of police driver training in West Mercia, Sergeant Andrew Chinn, agreed that a police driver would have to familiarise himself with the capabilities of a new car, but said it should never be at the expense of safety.

The case continues.

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