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Last Updated: Saturday, 19 February, 2005, 16:09 GMT
Ferry's first hunt under new laws
Otis Ferry
Otis Ferry is the joint master of the South Shropshire Hunt
The hunt made famous by Otis Ferry - son of rock star Bryan - made its first legal kill under the new rules, within an hour of setting out on Saturday.

Mr Ferry, 21, is joint master of the South Shropshire Hunt and rode out from Eaton Mascott Hall, near Shrewsbury, just after midday.

It is one of about 30 West Midlands hunts testing the "new format".

About 1,000 people followed the 200-strong field on foot, after a talk by hunt chairman Marek Kwiatkowski.

Mr Ferry was among a group of eight protesters who were charged with disorderly conduct after invading the House of Commons in September.

It looks the same, it smells the same
Clare Rowson

Clare Rowson, the West Midlands spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance, said the owner of Eaton Mascott Hall requested the hunt to "dispatch" any fox found in the vicinity because of game birds kept in the grounds.

She said: "The fox was shot, taken out of the earth and then given to the hounds."

Ms Rowson added that there was little obvious difference between hunting on Saturday and on Thursday, the day before the new legislation came into effect.

There was also a minimal police presence.

"It looks the same, it smells the same," Ms Rowson said.

'Determined feeling'

"To be honest, as a hunting person I couldn't really tell much difference.

"The main difference is the sense of commitment to overturn the temporary ban and get back people's freedom and livelihood that has been taken away from them.

"There was a strong and determined feeling among the field. Other than that, you wouldn't be able to tell any difference whatsoever."

Other hunts in the West Midlands testing the new rules included the Ledbury in Herefordshire, whose members were also involved in last year's Commons protest.


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