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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 November, 2003, 15:40 GMT
Report to cut domestic violence
A report highlighting ways to reduce domestic violence in Shropshire has been launched by a county campaigner.

The work began following a conference in Shrewsbury earlier this year, which was organised by the county's High Sheriff Mrs Julian Morgan.

It was handed over by Mrs Morgan to Shropshire County Council on Tuesday.

The council says research has shown that domestic violence in the UK is rising steadily, with 110 women killed by their male partners in 2001, and 12 men dying at the hands of a female partner each year.

Julian Morgan said: "I was determined to make a difference to Shropshire's community while in office.

This is not about a blame culture, but is about everybody taking responsibility
Julian Morgan
"With over 150 people attending the conference from a wide variety of groups and organisations, it has given impetus for the county to work towards greater support to those at risk.

"There is a great deal of excellent work already going on in the county, and it is now a case of drawing the strands together and making potential and actual victims aware of what help is available.

"This is not about a blame culture, but is about everybody taking responsibility."

The Joint Report On Ways To Reduce Suffering And Hurt Within Families was launched on International Day Against Violence Against Women.

Next April Shropshire's probation service hope to introduce a new programme aimed at changing some men's attitudes towards their female partners.

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