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Last Updated: Friday, 26 September, 2003, 18:11 GMT 19:11 UK
Extension builder freed from jail
Sylvester Nseowo leaving jail on Friday
Nseowo spent 45 days in jail
A Telford accountant jailed for refusing to demolish an illegal extension to his house has been freed after spending 45 days in prison.

Sylvester Nseowo, 43, left Shrewsbury Jail on Friday and said he intended to sue the council for breaching his human rights in the action it took against him.

Speaking as he returned home to his house on Checkley Lane in the St Georges area of Telford, Nseowo told BBC Midlands Today he was angry that contractors had removed the two-storey extension in his absence.

He said: "Of course I'm upset. Anybody would be upset. This is my land. This is my building."

50m damages claim

Workmen acting on behalf of Telford and Wrekin Borough Council spent two weeks demolishing the extension while Nseowo was in jail.

He was pursued through the courts by the council for more than two years after building the addition to his home without planning permission.

The extension at Checkley Lane, St George's, Telford
The extension was demolished while Nseowo was in jail
Neighbours have described the structure as a "monstrosity" and expressed concern that it was affecting the value of their homes.

One of them, Colin Evans, said: "Hopefully he'll realise his garden and house look an awful lot better without the extension.

"It's probably worth more without the extension - he should just be happy with what he's got."

But Nseowo said he intended to rebuild the addition to his home - albeit after applying for planning permission from the council.

Nseowo, who has already been fined 20,000 for ignoring orders to demolish the extension, will now be presented with a bill for thousands of pounds for the cost of the demolition work carried out at his home.

However, he also intends to sue the council for 50m for what he claims was a breach of human rights.

BBC Midlands Today's Bob Hockenhull
"Mr Nseowo is still determined to continue building an extension."

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