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Man faces jail for illegal extension
The extension at Checkley Lane, St George's, Telford
The extension has been described as "hideous"
A Telford man has been told he will be sent to prison if he does not pull down an extension to his house.

Sylvester Nseowo built the addition to his home at Checkley Lane, St Georges, without planning permission and has already been fined 20,000 for ignoring orders to demolish it.

Recorder Christopher Butler told Stoke-on-Trent County Court on Friday that the homeowner, who was not at the hearing, had reached "the end of the line".

He gave Nseowo a three-month suspended prison sentence for contempt of court, and said he had one month to "come to his senses".

'Total monstrosity'

Planners at Telford and Wrekin Council have already gained a court injunction ordering that the addition to Mr Nseowo's home must be pulled down.

Nseowo's neighbours have complained that the extension to the house, which does not comply with building regulations, is affecting the value of their homes.

One of them, Colin Evans, told the BBC's Midlands Today programme that Mr Nseowo's house is an eyesore.

"It's a total monstrosity. The roof extends half-way up the upstairs windows and the roof is just, well, unique. It's hideous."

If Nseowo does not write to the council within two weeks confirming the extension will be pulled down in the next month, he will be jailed and bulldozers will be sent to his home.

Illegal extension faces bulldozers
28 Jun 02  |  England

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