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Last Updated: Friday, 13 June, 2003, 07:14 GMT 08:14 UK
RSPCA axes HQ jobs
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The RSPCA is cutting around 200 jobs nationally

The RSPCA is to cut 20 jobs at its regional headquarters in Shropshire after a slump in the stock market hit the value of its investments.

The animal charity is trying to save 7.6m over the next five years in an attempt to put its finances on a firm footing and is carrying out a major restructuring of its national structure.

Although there will be some job losses at the RSPCA's West Midlands headquarters at Gonsall Farm near Dorrington, south of Shrewsbury, the centre has survived the restructuring.

It was recently opened at a cost of 5m.

But five of the RSPCA's other regional management areas are being axed.

The RSPCA is also scrapping its ten regional call centres and creating a single national one.

The move will result in the loss of about 200 jobs nationally.

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