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Sign warns go slow 'For Fox Sake' on Oxfordshire road

Road sign
The home-made sign was spotted on a rural road in Oxfordshire

A sign has been put up on a rural road in Oxfordshire asking drivers to spare a thought for foxes when it comes to speed.

The sign, which reads "For Fox Sake Slow Down", has been put up on a single carriageway between the villages of Wheatley and Waterperry.

It was spotted and photographed by Jo Abbot, a member of the RAC Foundation.

She said: "It seems someone has got fed up with speeding cars and decided to try and do something about it."

She added: "Despite its rural setting, this is a busy and fast bit of road.

"To that extent the sign has worked - I certainly slowed down for a second glance."

It is not known how long the sign has been in place.

Mrs Abbot said although it looked as if it had been done professionally, the sign was not legal because it had not been authorised as outlined by the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002.

Despite that, the RAC Foundation said it served a purpose to remind people to watch their speed on country roads.

According to the Highway Code, the speed limit for cars and motorbikes on a single carriageway is 60mph unless otherwise stated.

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