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Staff 'spied on' by scanner claim

The firm says its camera does not reveal "body detail"

Staff at a business park in Oxfordshire claim they have been "spied on" by x-ray style scanning equipment which is designed for airport security checks.

They say it was "trained" for two weeks on a busy path at Milton Business Park, near Didcot.

MEPC, which owns the park, said it had not given the company behind the scanner, ThruVision, permission to set it up and had demanded its removal.

ThruVision, which rents offices on the site, has refused to comment.

The equipment was left on a grass verge next to a path which leads to a car park.

Puzzled staff who work at other firms on the site spotted the gadget, which looked like a suitcase sat on a tripod.

They examined the equipment which appeared to be connected by cables to a power source and noted the ThruVision label attached to its side.

After researching on the internet, IT worker David Poltney realised it was an x-ray scanner and alerted security.

The site owner said it had been notified of the equipment's presence by a worker who complained on Monday and it was removed the same day.

MEPC said the scanner was switched on but was not carrying out any recording function.

'Look through my clothing'

However, Mr Poltney said the equipment had been trained on the path - which is a popular route for site workers - for about two weeks.

"If it is being tested and it has been deployed here on Milton Park, I think it is only fair we were given prior notice," he said.

Mr Poltney said he was concerned that, according to information on the company's website, the equipment was able to see through people's clothes.

"What gives them the right to look through my clothing and see what's in my pockets?" he said.

ThruVision has previously said its scanner did not reveal "body detail".

It said the technology was designed to be used in airports, railway stations or other public spaces to perform security checks.

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