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Parking fine for one minute wait

The driver stopped near the main shopping centre

A coach driver said he was given a 70 fine for stopping for a minute on the High Street in Oxford city centre to pick up a disabled passenger.

The driver from Bugler Coaches, had brought people from Bath to Oxford for a shopping trip.

He pulled to the side of the street and lowered the wheelchair ramp for a disabled passenger and his carer but was given a ticket by a parking warden.

Oxfordshire County Council said it was investigating the complaint.

Gerald Creed, managing director of Bugler Coaches, said: "On Monday afternoon our bus driver was just waiting for a disabled man and his carer to board the coach using the wheelchair lift.

"Then a parking warden appeared and gave him a 70 ticket which stated that he had observed this operation taking place for a minute from 1617 GMT to 1618 GMT."

Mr Creed said the coach was not causing any obstruction as it was parked up against the kerb and traffic was able to pass freely.

He said: "The driver is a professional - he can cope with that - but the distressing thing was that this severely disabled man and his carer were subjected to a very unpleasant scene."

Oxfordshire county council said: "We've received a complaint and we are looking into it. We always take complaints of this nature seriously.

"We will investigate the circumstances and get back to Bugler Coaches."

Mr Creed added: "It was dark and cold and it would have been totally unreasonable to ask the lady carer to push a wheelchair half a mile up the road to a dedicated coach park.

"This isn't about the 70 but this was really about the indignity that this man and his carer suffered."

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