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Cyclist injured in fruit attack

A cyclist is being treated in hospital for serious eye injuries after he was hit by a tangerine thrown from a passing car.

The man was riding his bike along the cycle track next to the Northern Bypass towards Marston in Oxford when he was hit late on Monday afternoon.

He was taken to hospital with serious bruising to his left eye, swelling and bleeding from the iris.

Police said the attack on the cyclist may have been deliberate.

Pc Chris Reilly said: "This may not seem too serious an incident, but the piece of fruit was travelling at high speed and it has left the cyclist in a lot of pain.

"It hurt him so much he first thought he had been hit by a brick.

"This may have been unintentional, but I am concerned it was not: the rider was wearing a reflective jacket and lights and would have been easy to see."

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