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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 October 2007, 14:06 GMT 15:06 UK
City code of conduct for students
Girl passed out on bench
New students are being "educated" on acceptable social conduct
Freshers in Oxfordshire are the focus of a police campaign warning them of the penalty for anti-social behaviour fuelled by alcohol and drugs use.

Police said that the month-long campaign will use bus ads, posters, radio programmes, pub visits and drug sniffer dogs in east Oxford.

Insp Brian Cooper said: "With a new intake of students it is about setting acceptable standards of conduct."

The campaign dubbed "Nightsafe" was first implemented in 2004.

Safe nights out

"Police will be taking a friendly but firm line with everyone during this operation.

"But if students commit offences they should be aware that we will be liaising with the universities so that they can consider whether action is required under their internal discipline procedures," Insp Cooper said.

Councillor Altaf-Khan, of Oxford City Council said: "We want to spread the message that alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Oxford.

"With students coming to our city for the first time we need to make sure that they feel safe on our streets and enjoy their night out in Oxford."

Nightsafe - involving the police, fire and rescue, the NHS, and the city and county councils - was set up to combat binge drinking and alcohol related crime.

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