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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 July 2007, 19:56 GMT 20:56 UK
Man sought over TV bottom pinch
A man who pinched a Channel 4 News presenter's bottom during a live broadcast is being sought by police.

Sue Turton was speaking to the camera from Oxford's flood-hit Osney Island when the man was seen on film walking past her.

She said she found the incident "quite humiliating" but continued reporting. She does not wish to pursue the matter.

Police said they still intended to impose an 80 fixed-penalty fine on the man under the Public Order Act.

Male reporters would never be treated to a public goosing
Sue Turton

Ms Turton said in a statement: "Many people found the incident in Oxford last week when a man pinched my bum live on Channel 4 News humorous.

"Thames Valley Police, however, saw it and asked for a taped copy in order to identify the culprit, suggesting that a charge of sexual assault could be considered.

"I've no desire to punish this man through the courts.

"But I did wonder, if I accepted such behaviour without complaint, what hope do women who are groped in public in this way have of any recourse?

'Public goosing'

"I personally found the matter quite humiliating and somewhat disrespectful to the plight of those I was reporting about.

"Male reporters would never be treated to a public goosing. Should the women of my profession not expect the same respect?"

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "Thames Valley Police is seeking to identify the individual with a view to dealing with him under the Public Order Act."

As well as being shown to a national television audience, the incident has been viewed thousands of times on video-sharing website YouTube.

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