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Last Updated: Monday, 30 July 2007, 17:02 GMT 18:02 UK
Plans for new 20m leisure centre
A new 20m leisure complex is set to replace the ageing Oxford Ice Rink and Temple Cowley Swimming Pool, under plans announced by the council

City council leader John Goddard said the complex would include a swimming pool and an Olympic-size ice rink.

It is unclear how the centre, proposed after a poor assessment of Oxford's leisure facilities, will be funded.

The current pool and rink are likely to be demolished when the centre is built in two to five years time.

Mr Goddard said: "There are a number of possible sites that will have to be investigated and in the end, the result will depend on cost and accessibility.

Emphasis on fun

"The existing ice rink is approaching the end of its life, because it's a long time since it was built, and mainly because it will become increasingly expensive [to maintain]," he said.

One suggestion for funding is to sell land currently occupied by the Oxford Ice Rink and Temple Cowley Swimming Pool.

Mr Goddard said there would be an emphasis on entertainment as well as fitness at the new pool, which could include attractions such as flumes and water slides.

In the mean time, he said, the pool and ice rink would remain open until the new centre is built.

Mr Goddard said the council was however committed to maintaining the city's open-air pool at Hinksey.

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